Bichon Series



The Bubbly Bichon

Jonathan David

The Bichon Frise is one of the most animated, bouncy breeds we know. Their soft curves and unique style are always a head-turner. While this trim can seem overwhelming, once you understand the lines, you’ll love doing this cut. In this one-hour live-dog seminar, Jonathan will talk about the proper profile and demonstrate techniques to achieve that continuous, rounded profile of this truly beautiful breed. The seminar will finish off with a demonstration of the “tricks” to achieve the round, devilish expression of the Bichon Frise head.

Perfect Bichon Head

Olga Zabelinskaya

Trying to achieve the perfect Bichon head is something every groomer strives to do. Olga quickly became one of the most well-known and respected for her achievements with Bichon Frises. In this seminar, Olga will share her tips to make your Bichon heads perfect every time with easy-to-follow guidelines. Lots of common mistakes are made when it comes to this breed’s profile, and trying to correct those after the hair is gone can be a nightmare. Let Olga show you how to avoid these mistakes and make your next Bichon competition-ready.

Super Styling Bichon: Pet Trim

Jay Scruggs

Jay will demonstrate a short, well-balanced maintenance trim on the Bichon. “In this demo I will be using mostly clippers to set the length on the body and legs, and will show an easy way to trim this breed short enough that your clients can maintain between appointments while leaving a little more length in certain areas to keep the breed looking stylish,” says Jay.

Creative on a Pet Bichon? Why Not?

Angela Kumpe

What if you were to add a quick creative touch to your pet grooming clients. I mean, why not? Creative can be an easy add-on service that will draw attention to your salon or mobile and bring extra income as well. Angela will take a plain pet groom to the next level and show you how quick and easy it can be. She will also tell you how to place creative touches so that clients are not “stuck” with a design or color for months, and go over the many different types of products you could use to do this.