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Everyday Dog Series



Modified Bichon by Blake

Blake Hernandez

Blake reveals his quick, head-turning secrets of his favorite breed! Bichons and most other small, white, curly-coated cuties in Blake’s salon leave with that quintessential round head look. Here, Blake will show us a modified bichon trim using clippers and scissors. Make sure to grab a seat and learn how to ”cut corners” on this infinitely round and powderpuff breed.

Sue on Drop Coats

Sue Watson

Here we go again, another little drop coated dog has scheduled an appointment. Before it even comes into the shop, you’re stressing about it, you’re worried it won’t look good enough. Are the clients going to like it? ugh, I can never get the finish right! Stress no more, Sue can show you how to get a better finish and maybe even enjoy doing this type of coat!

Huh? What kind of Doodle is it?

Tammy Siert

Having trouble determining what kind of Doodle your client has or the coat type? Tammy will give a short power point on the different Doodles coming in our salons, coat types, textures and styles clients are requesting. She will also give suggestions on dealing with clients that insist on having inches of hair on their dogs but won’t maintain their coat at home. She will do a demo on a Golden Doodle and show you short cuts using clipper techniques.

Selecting Product According to Coat Type

Shannon Moore

There are so many products on the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed! We are all guilty of being a collector of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products at some point of time in our grooming career. Selecting product according to coat type for maintenance and to achieve that show stopping finish will be the focus of this class.