Groomer of Many Talents Series



Asian Fusion with Flare

Milena Kon

Asian fusion grooming is still trending in pet grooming salons worldwide. In this seminar, Milena will demonstrate a fusion-inspired trim with a drop coat. Join her as she shows you her tips to achieve a gorgeous look and then highlight this unique trim with accessories.

Grooming the English Cocker

Elli Bultemeier

English Cocker Spaniels are quickly becoming more popular in our salons and on the competition stage. In this seminar, you’ll learn the proper angulation and techniques to make every English Cocker you work on look great whether it’s a pet or show dog.

No Butts About It!

Melissa Jepson

This fun, interactive class tackles the rear half of the dog. We have plenty that focus on the front but the back is just as important! You’ll learn how to create angulation, flattering looks, and a rear that sticks out.

Find Your Stripping Groove

Misty Gieczys

Want to add hand-stripping to your list of services at your salon? Misty will be demonstrating the basics on how to strip terriers and other breeds. Join her to get a leg up on your list of skills you have to offer. Let’s bring color and shine back to the coat, not to mention put more green in your pocket.