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Hair and Skin Certificate Program



Dr. Cliff Faver

Learn the science, the techniques, and product (types) to successfully put the “why” in what you do. A must for groomers, bathers, and office personnel in the grooming shop and veterinary clinic alike.

1) Understanding hair and skin learn the basic anatomy and function of the skin and hair. A critical foundation for this class and everything a groomer or bather does. This will explain a lot of the science about how nutrition, sebum and basic anatomy work so you can understand the “why” in what you do.

2) Understanding the different hair types understanding the difference in coat types and the products that need to be used for maximum results. In this class you will learn the needs of the different coat types so you can make better decisions in the products you use.

3) Understanding the common things that go wrong understanding of the things that lead to skin issues. Always wonder why these skin conditions occur and reoccur? Does technique play a factor? Could i have caused that issue? When the client or veterinary accused me of causing the issue is that true?

4) The science to follow in treating skin issues learn methods, techniques, and types of products to fix the skin problems when they occur. Learn principles that will lead to success when treating skin issues.

Learn how to grow hair back on those shaved down dogs. Learn why steroids and antibiotics and the typically therapies for skin don’t always work.