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The New Consumer: Pet Owners & The Grooming Industry

Melissa Mitchner

Pet owners are more informed and the grooming industry is exploding. This seminar will explore how to address the new segment of pet owners and explore services and enhancements for your grooming business. Growth is essential, and pet owners are the secret to your success!

Time Management and Setting Yourself Apart From Other Groomers

Adriane Pope

In this seminar, you will learn the best ways to manage your time working while also allowing family time after this pandemic crisis. You will also learn the importance of always having a set plan, how to best cater to geriatric pets, and the best ways to go above and beyond for your clients, setting yourself apart from the average groomer. Lastly, you will learn the best way to pick and choose, and weed out the clients that are not a good fit for your program.

The Wellness Salon

Joey Villani

It doesn’t take much to add a full spa day to your salon or mobile—and Joey will show you how! With slight changes and a different approach, become the ultimate wellness salon and not only pamper man’s best friend, but also increase profits.

Maximizing Your Business’s Profitability

Jeremy Stamper

In this class Jeremy will be discussing how to critically analyze your business and identify if you are leaving money on the table. Take a deep dive into creative ideas to maximize profitability, including enhanced service options, small retail, and more.