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Mobile Series



Why Forecasting is Important in the World of Mobile Grooming

Jameson Kon

Where does one go, when you already have a business that you want to expand further? What if your business is stagnate, and you need to find a way for more growth? Can you do this alone, or do you need a team to get you from Point A to Point Z? Planning for success is the key to any business model. Take this course to find out how one can set themselves up for success, by following some key points of operations in the mobile world of grooming.

Salon vs. Mobile

Angela Kumpe

Have a salon and thinking of going mobile? Have a van and thinking of opening a salon? Just getting started and not sure which would be best for you? Angela has been grooming for 20 years and owns and operates both a salon and a mobile van. In this class she will give you the pros and cons of both operations to help you determine which business would be the best fit for you.

The Kons, The Pros, and the Mobile Grooming Life

Milena Kon & Jameson Kon

What can someone expect when they are making the decision to go Mobile for the first time? Take this crash course from someone that came from the Corporate world, who jumped right into the grooming world and now operates two grooming vans. Hear what worked and what didn’t, from advertising and marketing, to routing and scheduling, to continue education and building your career model so you can live your dream. Join this motivational seminar to learn the ups and down of the mobile grooming life and prepare yourself to think outside the box.

The Passionate Mobile Groomer

Lisa Leady

Did you know Lisa Leady is a mobile groomer? Most people know her as an award-winning speaker and judge. Most people don’t realize that she is also the owner of a very successful mobile grooming business. Lisa will be taking her very popular “Passionate Groomer” theme and adapting it for mobile groomers. She will share a large dose of information wrapped in a lot of uplifting personal stories and perspectives. Don’t miss this one of a kind seminar.