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Poodle Series



Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims

Shannon Moore

Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims Tired of the same poodle pet trim in your salon? Shannon will show you some ways to put some pizzazz on your poodle pet trims. She will demonstrate some time saving techniques that will showcase your expertise and are easy for your clients to maintain. A quick and trendy poodle pet trim can be a great way to advertise your talent.

Poodle in a Teddy Bear

Jonathan David

Not all of our customers like a traditional Poodle trim with clean shaved feet and face. Often times they ask for a cute alternative and the Teddy Bear is a great choice! The plush look of the body combined with the rounded feet and full face gives a sweet expression sure to melt the hearts of even the most finicky of clients!

Easy to Maintain Poodle Trims

Lisa Leady

In this exciting demo Lisa Leady will go over the Poodle in a pet trim. Using snap-on combs and scissors, she will give this poodle a finished look while keeping style with a shorter trim. Easily maintainable styles are better for your pet clients to keep up with and require less maintenance when they bring them back for regularly scheduled appointments.

Poodle Elegance on the Not So Glamorous

Koko Tanaka

We have oodles of poodles in our salons, but not all of them are born with a show dog’s proportions. The most important skill that sets apart a dog washer from a professional pet stylist is how we can put a spotlight on the dog’s correct profile point while we try to conceal any imperfections. Koko will explain how to evaluate each poodle, then how to recognize its strengths and faults and try to correct it with our styling. She will also discuss a poodle’s breed standard and discuss typical faults, then using hand outs and visual references we will correct faults. Please bring pencil and eraser!