Skin Assessment Certificate Course



Dr. Cliff Faver

Groomers have seen it all! Dandruff, flea dermatitis, and alopecia are some of the common skin issues we have seen in our shops, but how do we go about recommending proper treatment? With the correct knowledge, groomers can resolve or prevent most skin issues that we see. Groomers are the first line of defense for pets since we see them more frequently than a veterinarian. And now, with the limited access to veterinarians at present, groomers serve a key role in keeping pets’ skin and coat healthy.

In this course, Dr. Cliff will help you decipher which ailments are within your ability to treat and what truly needs to be seen by the veterinarian. Empower yourself and your salon with the confidence to act as a consultant to pet owners for common skin issues. This course is presented by a veterinarian that has treated hundreds of thousands of cases by partnering with the groomers he works with.