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Business Bootcamp



Dara Forleo

OSHA Compliant:

Are you OSHA compliant? Is this necessary for your business? How does one go about making your business OSHA compliant? There is a risk that you could be fined if you are not. Learn a little more about the steps and process you need to make your business and employees safe.

Reinventing Your Business:

Burned out on the daily grind? What is your role as owner, trying to do too much or everything? Lean wow to overcome this and remember why we became business owners. There is a way that you can get rid of that burn out. Let’s talk about what made you become a business owner and if that is still what you want to do.

Employer & Employee Relations:

Human or humane relationships at work? Get the most from your employees day to day. Performance management is the #1 headache for business owners. Let me take you through the 3 phases that will make your life so much easier.

Retirement and Your Business:

When do we get to retirement? What do we do to prepare ourselves as business owner or just as groomers? When should you start to plan or is it too late?

Valuing Your Business:

What is your worth? How do you put a price tag on your business? Do you know your gross income, assets, staff, client list, property, how long in operation? All these are key factors in selling your shop. Don’t make the mistake of pricing too low or too high.