Drop Coat Series



Asian Fusion 101: Drop Coat

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will show you and explain how to take a drop coat and groom it to look like a baby doll, teddy bear, or stuffed animal. Japanese or Asian style of grooming helps to “sell” your grooms, attract new customers, and bring your grooming ability one step up to a creative way of dog grooming. You can take a mixed breed that’s a drop coat or curly coat and create a mixed breed masterpiece.

Get the Drop on It!

Macie Pisa

Tired of your drop coats looking dull and heavy? Want your silkies to shine? Prep work makes the dream work when it comes to these coat types. Macie Pisa, winner of ABC’s Pooch Perfect, will demonstrate how to maintain these popular shop breeds. From baths to bevels, Macie will show you how to turn a Yorkie, Maltese, or Lhasa from “ew, yuck” to “OH, YES!”

Super Styling Drop-Coated Breeds

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

We see more drop coats in our shop than almost any other coat type. In this demonstration, Sue and Jay will show you how to get a more natural look by using snap-on combs and thinning shears. No more using scissors on a drop coat! Whether you groom Lhasas, Malteses, Yorkies, or Shih-Tzus, this demo will help you achieve better results with the use of new tools and the right pair of thinners. Sue and Jay will also discuss which thinning shears to use on different coat types. This pet trim will be short yet stylish while still leaving a natural finish.

Demystifying the Drop Coat

Rachel Colant

Dreading your next drop coat haircut? Struggling to get a soft, blended finish? Are your Yorkie and Maltese haircuts coming out choppy? In this one-hour seminar, Rachel will demonstrate how you can set yourself up for success every time with simple techniques to help you create a consistently beautiful haircut on all drop coats. She will cover prep work, the best tools to use, and scissoring techniques. Rachel’s methods will help you achieve a gorgeous, blended finish to elevate your drop coat pet trims and make this difficult coat type a breeze!