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Entrepreneur Skill Up Series



Efficient Grooming: Trimming Time for Success

Tammy Siert

Time is money! In this seminar Tammy will show you tips and tools for maximizing your grooming time. With a live demo, we look at ways to use clippers to cut down scissor time and other techniques to get the same time-tested quality grooms your clients deserve. Cutting time doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, let Tammy show you the way!

The Grooming Business: Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the grooming business, on the topic of running a more efficient operation. Lots of information will be covered in condensed form, so take lots of notes on this one! Time will be well spent in this class!

Pricing for Profit

Elli Bultemeier

Money, money, money! I don’t know about you, but the song comes to mind quickly. Yeah, you know you just sang it! But what are we afraid of? We are in business to make money. Prices are rising everywhere around us, and it’s our turn to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thriving. Let’s unpack how to use our pricing models to generate the most and create a healthy living.

Really Real Retail

Corina Stammworthy

You don’t need to go all in on huge inventory to begin your retail journey. Learn how to start retail from nothing and intentionally grow it based on your customers’ needs and likes. We’ll cover techniques such as add-ons to a groom, impulse buys, and storytelling through merchandising. Enjoy a new passive income stream for your business that is not labor intensive.