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Get Inspired! Tips & Tricks for Rejuvenation



Jess RonaJoey VillaniJill Pipino & Michell Evans

Are you trying to improve yourself within the profession of pet grooming? Maybe you would like to improve your scissoring skills or your customer service skills. Maybe you would like for your business to gross a million dollars next year. Maybe you would like to develop a more personal relationship with each pet that you groom or improve your employee management skills. Or maybe you dream of winning a grooming contest or retiring from grooming all together. No matter what your goals and aspirations this 4-part motivational series is for you! Each 1-hour segment will offer a new perspective by one of four top industry professionals. The opportunities that pet grooming offers are equaled only by its challenges. Each speaker will tell their stories, share their strategies and offer their ideas about how they overcame their challenges. If you are looking for inspiration you have come to the right class!