Let’s Get Creative With The Color King!



Adrian Smith

The Color King, Adrian Smith of ABC’s Pooch Perfect, will cover all you need to know about adding creative to your salon in this two-hour seminar. The first step in coloring is prep work. Adrian will teach you how to properly pre-wash and prep to get the desired result—vibrant color work! Not every coat type is the same, and some dogs may need lightening before applying color. The Color King will show you how to safely lighten the hair with this extra prep step that will take your coloring skills to the next level. After applying dye, Adrian will cover post-wash and aftercare. He will share his tips on making this step a quick and easy process. As an added bonus, Adrian will teach you how to accessorize by applying gems, feathers, lashes and more!

Before adding coloring services to your salon menu, it is important to have the ideal dogs to work with. How do you know if the dog you are about to color will tolerate the entire process? Adrian will help you decipher which dog is a good candidate for creative, and which ones to politely decline. Marketing is everything when it comes to attracting your preferred client base. Adrian will detail his steps in transforming his business from an everyday pet salon to being known as the Color King!