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Mixed Breed Series



Mixed Breed Makeovers in Easy Breezy Styles

Cheryl Purcell

Learn to make over those mixed breeds with cute, easy styles! A new client comes in for the first time with a mixed breed and says, “Just make her cute.” Cheryl is here to help you come up with cute and easy trims for each dog. Cheryl won her first competition with a mixed breed, took her first medal at Intergroom with a mixed breed, and is a winner of the Taxi Memorial for Best Expression on a mixed breed. Whether it’s a mixed breed or a purebred in a nontraditional trim, Cheryl will help you. There will be before and after photos and live demonstrations.

Mixed Breed Mania

Cat Opson

In this exciting demonstration Cat will go over her techniques she uses to disguise structural flaws on mixed breeds and even explain how to translate the phrase “puppy cut”. She will share her tips on how to satisfy your customers by tailoring the groom to suit your clients and their ability to maintain the coat. From short trims to long trims and different faces in between, you won’t want to miss Cat transform this mutt into a beautiful work of art.

Speed Grooming the Mix with Style!

Michell Evans

Time is money! In this demonstration Michell will show you her step by step process with attachment combs, that will revolutionize your grooming. You will be able to create fabulous styles and make money too! “The Evans Method” will change the way you groom forever. You will be able to create more beautiful and more expensive grooms for your clients in nearly the same amount of time!

“Mixing Up” Your Drop Coats

Valerie Partynski

Valerie will show you how to do a stylish, but easy maintenance trim on a drop coated dog. Being one of the harder coat types to work with, she will show you how to get a smooth finish in a short amount of time using snap on combs and thinning shears.