Poodle Panel



Poodle Up-Do

Cat Opson

Trying to figure out how they manage to get a Poodle top-knot to look so gorgeous? Cat will demonstrate the tricks she has learned from breeders which she applies to create the most stunning Poodle top-knot spray-ups. Learn what products and tools you will need. From start to finish you will see her transform a Poodle’s head to sprayed-up perfection!

Modern Family, Poodle Style

Valerie Partynski

Looking to learn the Modern trim? Watch as Valerie takes you from prep to beautiful finish with techniques that can be applied to either pet or competition trims. Learn how to use a combination of clippers and scissors to achieve this beautiful trim. This look can also be applied to the German trim.

The Continental Trim

Allison Alexander

This seminar will teach you everything you need to know about the Continental trim. We will discuss how to put a dog into the Continental trim from scratch, how to fit the trim to any Poodle, the lines, shape and angulation of the trim, and the finishing touches for a balanced, elegant and stylish Continental. Allison will demonstrate how to achieve this trim and the tools to use. Whether you have a dog that needs a new haircut, an older dog to maintain, or you want to compete at the highest level, Allison will guide you through this classic trim.

German Trim with a Twist

Gabriel Feitosa

With its sharp and somewhat masculine look, the German Trim is an essential profile to have in your toolbox. Gabriel Feitosa, Andis Educator, will demonstrate his stylistic approach to this classic trim used in competitions and pet salons all over the world. He will teach you how to integrate creativity with tradition effectively. Gabriel will show you how to carve details into coats to make your work stand out in your salon and on social media.