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The Encyclopedia of Dogs



Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

We have chosen to make the noble and rewarding task of caring for dogs our life’s work. Yet, science has dramatically changed what we know about the dog in recent years. The in-depth information in this engaging and compelling program will be transformative, not only in how we view the dog, but in everything related to how we interact with them. This four-hour class will equip you with information and insight about the dog that is rarely available outside the academic setting. This class will cover fascinating scientific discoveries about the dog in topics that range from A to Z, including Anatomy, Breeds, Coat Types, Domestication Evolution, Functions, Grooming Needs, Handling, etc., all the way to Zoonotics. Important scientific advances in our understanding of the dog will inform your daily interactions with humanity’s Best Friend. You will not want to miss this exciting look into the world of dogs!