A Splash of Color and Fusion



Colin Taylor & Jayne Gallagher

Ever thought your dog could pull off a splash of color and a touch of Asian fusion styling? Think it’s only for the pros? Think again! The art of transforming your furry friend into a stylish sensation can be both ridiculously fun and surprisingly easy—even for those of us who aren’t exactly grooming gods. Asian styling has taken the grooming world by storm, and who could blame it? Those adorable little faces with their trendy trims are irresistibly cute. And then… BAM! A pop of color here, a hint of flair there, and suddenly, you’ve got a canine fashion icon. But don’t worry if your Asian fusion skills aren’t quite there yet. Enter Colin—our shearing sensation! Not an expert in Asian fusion or coloring, but boy, does he know his way around breed styling. Speedy with the shears and full of flair, Colin was the first male groomer to join GroomTeam USA. And now, he’s here to show you that even the greats have room to learn. Watch Colin style a pooch and then get put through the wringer by a top-notch guest speaker. He’ll tackle color and Asian fusion styling like a champ—or at least with a lot of laughs! Colin’s message? You’re never too old to learn new tricks or too proud to admit your weaknesses. Prepare for a class full of learning, laughter, and leaving with new tricks up your grooming sleeve. Get ready to giggle, gasp, and go back to work with a whole new bag of grooming goodies.