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Business Compliance Certificate Course



Corina Stammworthy

This is an important certificate course for staff, managers and owners. Corina Stammworthy will show you how to get and keep your shop compliant with current laws and ordinances. She will start with the basics including what safety signage needs to be posted in your salon, what is considered overtime pay, and how long you should be keeping your financial records. Next, she will cover how to deal with various Human Resources issues such as what information you can or cannot share, substance abuse policies, and how to properly handle harassment complaints. Workers’ comp and family leave will also be discussed along with the proper IRS rates for travel, mileage and meal per diems. She will give you the tools to make sure you are always compliant with Covid-19 protocols, even if they change. Corina will touch on some hard topics like reporting animal abuse to make sure you are prepared for any situation. Empower yourself and your staff by having the knowledge to protect yourselves and your business.