Cat Grooming Summit



Dana Chavez-Rey

Join Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, for this four-hour Cat Grooming Summit. Dana will start with a brief overview of feline anatomy and physiology including a few basic functions, like why cats rub or scratch surface areas. She will discuss recognizing distress and aggression in felines, and what causes these reactions. How do you identify these signs before they excel, and when is it appropriate to end the grooming session? Dana will help you spot these behavior issues before the cat reacts aggressively.

Not all grooming equipment is appropriate for use on felines. Dana will go over the must-haves for cat grooming and answer the questions, Why invest so much? What is right for me and my cat clients? Where to purchase from and why? Lastly, Dana will do a live cat grooming demonstration and discuss differences in the staple cat trims. She will touch on safe alternatives to working with cats and modified techniques based on feline temperament. Dana’s Cat Grooming Summit is a can’t-miss for every groomer who works with cats!