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Creative Grooming: No Experience Necessary


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Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Think creative is too messy? Too complicated? Too time consuming? You aren’t artistic? Clients just won’t pay for it? Angela Kumpe and Adriane Pope will blow you away by showing you that creative can be done with no mess, no complication, no time, and with absolutely no artistic talent. The best part is your clients WILL pay for it!

Hour 1) Creative – My client’s just won’t do it!

One of the most common comments we get from groomers is, “I really want to offer creative services but my clients just won’t let me do it.” It is all about MARKETING! In this fun-filled class, you’ll learn how to get your clients interested in creative services and even PAY for them. Creative is unique and different, and the marketing for it is also different than your regular grooming services. We will also cover pricing for all types of creative services and accessories in this class.

Hour 2) What’s New? Creative Products and Accessories

The world of creative styling is evolving rapidly. With all the exposure on social media and television, more and more clients are asking for special touches. There are always new products and accessories to explore, all of which are so user-friendly that your receptionist can do them. Not comfortable using color? No problem! Angela and Adriane will show you several ways to be creative without using color, and will share all the new creative products, accessories, and tools. Learn how to use these tools to amaze your clients and increase your income.

Hour 3) Simple Color Ideas and Options

In this hour, Angela and Adriane will show you all types of easy color options and ideas for your clients. They will share where to find products, how long your clients can expect them to last, and how to apply them. Not sure where to start? These creative legends will share dozens of easy inspirations to get you started.

Hour 4) Yes! It is that EASY!

Seriously, no experience needed! This hour will play out a day in a busy salon, from check-in to check-out. Angela and Adriane will ask for your help on this one. They will select random volunteers to play the part of clients, groomers, and maybe even pets. Guaranteed to be entertaining as well as educational. Literally dozens of scenarios and creative applications will be completed to show you how to promote, market, and apply creative styling into your salon.