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Doodle Series



Doodle on Doodle

Helen Schaefer

Turn “I don’t want it to look like a Poodle” from your most dreaded phrase to your favorite. In this live demo, Helen will demonstrate two different styles on one doodle. For better or worse, Helen has been labeled “The best Doodle groomer” in her small corner of the world. Let her show you how she turned dread into fun and mixes Asian Fusion elements into this popular mix breed, and how to convince the owners it’s a good thing. Then for the stalwart and boring owner type, she will demonstrate her “Helen’s generic Doodle Trim” aka the Retriever Clip.

Daily Doodle Dos

Blake Hernandez

In this everyday dog seminar, Blake will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts—from how to schedule, handle and educate a daily doodle client to all Blake’s go-to tips to make every hour a power hour! One thing every doodle has in common is that they are part Poodle, and that Blake’s jam!

Super Styling the Doodle

Jay Scruggs

“Designer Breeds,” like doodles, quickly became popular, and every groomer should know how to groom and maintain them. There is some challenge involved by deciding how to best groom them to accommodate and please your customers, while also making it easy to maintain for you and the owner. In this seminar, Jay will show you how to create a cute and stylish pet trim by using thinning shear and scissor techniques that are quick and easy to apply in your shop.

Panda or Doodle?

Misty Gieczys

Don’t Poodle my Doodle! How many times have customers uttered those words to you? Fear not, this class will show a cute, fluffy Panda trim that is easier for owners to maintain at home without them looking like a Poodle.