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Entrepreneur Skill Up Series


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Marketing Yourself Through Photos

Anna Stowell

Want to learn how to build a portfolio of your work through photos? Let Anna show you how to brand yourself, track progress, and market yourself to potential employers or employees! You can target your ideal clientele by showcasing your work. The “Doodle Queen” herself has done all this to build up her 42k plus followers! She is excited to also share her best tips and tricks for angles, lighting, cameras, backgrounds, and more!

The Life of a Professional Groomer

Joey Villani

Getting up early, going home late, working on scheduled days off, and everything else in between—all of this and still struggling to make ends meet? Doesn’t sound like an ideal career, does it? But there’s no reason why that sacrifice should not pay off and offer a happy, successful life. Listen to an expert as he guides you through your day to make it a happy, productive, and profitable venture.

Success in Your Grooming Business

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

While there are many ways to define and experience success, the key for anyone who owns a grooming business or wishes to start one is to have a plan based on values that you want your business to reflect and goals you wish to achieve. Learn how to avail yourself of the many wonderful free resources that will assist any potential grooming business owner. In this class filled with detailed steps, learn how to navigate local, state and national regulations and guidelines, write a mission statement, set goals, write policies and manuals, and implement practices that will set you on a path to success. While the pandemic has dramatically changed the grooming business landscape, there has never been a better time to start or be in a grooming business.

JRG Business Magic

Jess Rona

The success of a business is a direct reflection of its leader. This course will help you learn to embody the version of yourself that generates wealth, mindfulness, and joy in your business. You will learn Jess’s concepts and practices that will help you cultivate a mindset so you can build a thriving, healthy grooming business. Jess will give you the tools and resources to create an abundance mindset- and success-centered routines and strategies to attract and keep ideal clients, and create a community of raving fans. She will also provide tips for social media creation and maintenance for busy business owners.