Just Doodling Series



Panda or Doodle?

Misty Gieczys

Don’t Poodle my Doodle! How many times have customers uttered those words to you? Fear not, this class will show a cute, fluffy Panda trim that is easier for owners to maintain at home without them looking like a Poodle.

Daily Doodle Dos

Blake Hernandez

In this everyday dog seminar, Blake will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts—from how to schedule, handle and educate a daily doodle client to all Blake’s go-to tips to make every hour a power hour! One thing every doodle has in common is that they are part Poodle, and that Blake’s jam!

All These Fluffin’ Doodles

Jessica Uzzetta

In this seminar, with her over 20 years of grooming experience, Jessica Uzetta, NCMG, shares her secrets to navigating, pricing, scheduling, and not losing money or your sanity to grooming this popular designer dog.

Drab Doodle to Fab Doodle

Elli Bultemeier

Let’s be honest; we all want to do that super cute, long, fluffy doodle cut. And in a perfect world, that’s great…but it’s not practical! Quit doing the same old doodle haircuts and learn some easy tricks to make even short hairstyles look cute. We don’t have to hate all the doodles—take advantage of their cuteness and amplify it!