Let’s Focus on Heads Series



Heads Up!

Jodi Murphy

Do you find yourself struggling with styling the heads of mixed breeds? In this seminar, Jodi will demonstrate several head styles and she will discuss various points to keep in mind in order to capture the perfect expression!

Super Styling Heads

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this informative seminar, Sue and Jay will take you through the grooming steps of a couple different head styles. You will learn breed-specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques and wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog.

Dog Emoji

Olga Zabelinskaya

Do you look at those cute faces posted by IG groomers and wonder how to get that perfect look? Let Olga share her tips and tricks to create a symmetrical look that is perfectly balanced and picture perfect! She will explain how to get that doll-face look that’s proportional and filled with personality.

Just the Face on a Pet Terrier

Victor Rosado

In the world of terriers, it’s important to learn the proper way to groom wire-coated breeds for the pet owners—handstripping is not just for show dogs! Victor will show you how to incorporate handstripping with your everyday terrier clients. You will see a live demo using the right tools for that terrier so you can get the picture-perfect face profile!