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Dealing With “The Delusional Client”

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Groomers are faced with multiple inquiries and personalities when offering a service to the public. Is your salon set up for success to handle these “delusional” requests? “Can you fit her in today? Is my dog done yet? Why so expensive? Can I pick up after hours? Don’t poodle my doodle!” We hear these comical and frustrating requests often. In this seminar you will learn how to go from “Customer Servant” to “Customer Service” by structuring your salon to be prepared for whatever delusional demands clients can come up with.

Money in the Bank: Retirement and Succession Planning

Elli Bultemeier

Wait…retirement…that exists? What’s that magic age you want to be done? How the heck are you going to get there? In this seminar, Elli breaks down how to achieve long-term success and plan for our future. As a customer said just the other day “What, do you plan to be a millionaire by 50?” Damn right, I’d love to!

The Grooming Business: Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the grooming business, on the topic of running a more efficient operation. Lots of information will be covered in condensed form, so take lots of notes on this one! Time will be well spent in this class!

Recognizing Red Flags

Mary Oquendo

In this eye-opening workshop, Mary will discuss the 10 most common red flags you’ll see with customers to look out for, as well as solutions and ways to handle them. What do you do when one gets past you? Find out! Mary will also discuss two types of red flags that are animal related.