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Mental Health Series



The Grooming Industry: Managing Mental Health

Jay Batista

Jay is no stranger to what it feels like when you are anxious or depressed. In this seminar, he will share how to handle this and what he does to manage these struggles. Whether you’re working or have down time, learning to cope with these feelings is an important part of managing your mental health.

Avoiding Business Owner Burnout

Jeremy Stamper

In this seminar, join Jeremy to discuss managing your mental health as a business owner. Topics like identifying micromanaging, being present in your business, prioritizing tasks, and creating a routine that will help you avoid stress will all be covered.

Pet Business 101: How to Grow, Sustain and Plan Your Next Steps

Melissa Mitchner

This workshop will review how to successfully maintain and expand in the pet care industry. Melissa will cover reviewing policies and procedures, marketing, business planning, and next-level growth development for small business owners.

Mental Health in the Grooming Salon

Melissa Jepson

It’s no secret that grooming can be a very draining and difficult job. Many of us, especially now, deal with difficulties in our daily lives, and our work is no exception. This class is tailored a groomer’s unique needs and covers coping mechanisms, tips for self-care, help when it seems hopeless, and more.