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Paving The Way To Success: A Guide To Buisness and Individual



Joey Villani

Joey Villani has been referred to as the “Dogfather” because of his decades of experience in the grooming industry. Joey knows what it takes to be a successful groomer and business owner. In this brand new, four-hour program Joey will share his knowledge and expertise, and answer your questions to help you maximize the success of your salon.

Hour 1) The Things That MUST Be Done

Sometimes all we know is grooming, but as we move further into our careers, we find out sometimes that’s just not enough. Joey will show you what it takes to make a perfect operation. Learn the art of advertising without breaking your budget, asking and knowing all the right questions when dealing with customers, commanding the perfect staff, how to have the safest salon, the art of keeping your clients, and pricing your work.

Hour 2) The Mind Is Where All Success Is Built

After doing numerous seminars all over the world, it was made perfectly clear that most problems start with the person – employers and employees both. If you are feeling you are not all you want to be, then this is the seminar for you. This seminar will guide you through some of the toughest moments in life. See how these proven methods can change your thinking and make you the best at all you do.

Hour 3) Where’s the money?

It sometimes seems the more pets we groom the less we seem to make. In most cases it’s not the number of pets but how we manage our funds and the set-up of the salon. Have you ever put together a business plan or know how much your space is costing you? In this segment, we will cover these questions and more money bleeding topics.

Hour 4) Ask the Dogfather

Not sure, confused, or just want to make sure? We want to help and answer whatever is on your mind. If you’re thinking it, so is someone else. Ask Joey any question or questions about running a successful operation. This is a great way to network with other groomers in the room, recognizing helpful hints or problems in common.