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Poodle Series



Diane on Poodles

Diane Betelak

It’s not just shaving the ears and tail! Diane will discuss getting the hair off fast while still leaving some style and shape, because this is how we earn our living! Balance and corrective sculpturing will be covered since not all poodles are built the same and taking the tail and ears down changes the profile. Diane will use comb attachments, scissors and other tools to show you how to create a poodle that will “WOW!” your clients.

The Beautiful Poodle Pet Trim

Chris Pawlosky

This world-renowned educator will demonstrate a great poodle trim using only clippers, universal combs and blades. This trim is great for a multitude of coat types and breeds. Learn how to utilize all of your tools to save you time, and wear and tear on your body from repetition of scissoring! Chris will share success tips that she has gleaned from years of experience and success.

Poodle in Sporting Trim

Michell Evans

In this hour, Michell will show you how to create a stylish yet low maintenance sporting trim on a Poodle. She will demonstrate the quick and easy use of snap-on combs to set your lines and lengths, and then finish with scissors. She will also show the clipper lines for the face, feet and tail. This trim is a money maker!

Poodle in A Teddy Bear

Jonathan David

Not all of our customers like a traditional Poodle trim with clean shaved feet and face. Often times they ask for a cute alternative and the Teddy Bear is a great choice! The plush look of the body combined with the rounded feet and full face gives a sweet expression sure to melt the hearts of even the most finicky of clients!