Popular Shop Dogs with Super Styling Sessions



Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Jay and Sue have collaborated for many years, from Super Styling session videos to seminars all over the world and now the SSTV app, these two make an awesome duo. Spend the day with them as they give valuable tips for pepping, grooming, and finishing those everyday shop dogs. Jay and Sue will use several tools in their grooming toolbox to highlight breed profiles and simple pet trims that will keep your clientele in easy-to-maintain trims with personality.

Keeping breed profile on pet trims is all about achieving a natural finish with thinning shears and snap-on combs, blending the body, and not leaving defined lines in the coat is easy to achieve when you use the right techniques. Some coat types that come in the shop everyday can be unforgiving but Jay and Sue will share their secrets and tips to get a nice, stylish finish every time so you can always keep your clientele looking good while out in your town. In this exciting demo Jay and Sue will groom a doodle, a Schanuzer, a curly coat, and a drop coat while they go over each breed and answer your questions.