Salon Owner Series Certificate Course



Joey Villani

In this four-part certificate course designed for salon owners, grooming business expert Joey Villani will cover all aspects of owning a salon, from starting a business to managing employees and clients.

1) Pet grooming business opportunities, including: learning what’s right for you; to own or not to own; business pros and cons; personal profile; buying an existing business or starting new; fixed location, mobile, home-based, concession or table rental.

2) Creation of a pet grooming business, including: location selection; steps and cost; construction; equipment and supplies; layout; income and expense categories; pricing and booking; additional services; marketing.

3) Employees, including: the interview; how to pay; types of pay; how to keep valued employees; efficient use of personnel; and who to hire next.

4) Client relations, including; the right image; work with clients; customer complaints; policies and procedures.