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Sign of the Times: Are You Changing with What Is Going on Around You



Joey Villani

Are you changing with what is going on around you? The only thing certain in life is change. Some of the biggest mistakes the most successful businesses make are after their initial success because they do nothing else to expand with the times.

Hour 1) Sign of the Times

In the first hour, Joey will talk about how to stay on top of all the changes necessary to run a successful business.

Hour 2) Learn How to Work Your Appointment Book

Most groomers understand that booking their appointments is very important. But, are you lacking attention to this area? This should be one of your top three priorities. Listen to how your staff and you can book and track appointments. Scheduling should make life easier not harder.

Hour 3) How to Promote and Build Your Business

Promoting your business is important to growing It. Whether it is add-on services like tooth care, skin and coat treatments, or your regular grooming services, learn some tricks to promote and build your business and help make you more money.

Hour 4) The Safe Salon
The safe salon is so important in this day and age. Learn how to keep your salon safe and how to market your safe salon so your clients and future clients feel ultra-safe dropping off their pets!