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The Philosophy of Spa



Michelle Knowles

Do you want to change your regular salon into a spa environment? Learn how to incorporate therapeutics and take your salon to a higher level! Some topics that will be covered in this four-hour program are salon appearance, elite services, therapeutics, ingredients, and calculating fees.

Hour 1) What is spa?

In the first hour, Michelle will cover the basics of the spa revolution, which includes aromatherapy, essential oils, massage, chromatherapy and topical therapeutics.

Hour 2) Nuts and Bolts

In the second hour, Michelle will discuss the “nuts and bolts” of the Spa business. Some topics covered will be salon appearance; look like money to make money, customer service; learn to identify and care for the spa client, calculating costs; learn to price your new services, spa menus and marketing techniques; let your clients know what you offer.

Hour 3) Ingredients

This session will cover the importance of ingredients and sourcing your materials. You’ll learn how to read labels at a glance, and what is harmful and what is helpful in the products that you use.

Hour 4) Techniques and Therapies

The last hour will be focused on putting the techniques and therapies into practice. Learn how to organize your treatments, time management of therapies, product choices and how to put them together to give good spa services.