Want to Be a Groomer? Just Add Hair Certificate Course



Arielle Scavnicky

Join Arielle Scavnicky NCMG, AKCMG in this day-long, four-module certificate course designed to take your new career to the next level. Whether you are on your path going from bather to groomer, or a newer groomer who needs to solidify the foundation of your education, this class is for you. By the end of this course, participants will have a strong understanding of the key principles of dog grooming and will have gained the confidence to know where to start practicing and perfecting their new trade. The industry needs more well-trained groomers, so join Arielle and let’s get you started on your new journey!

1) Tools, Maintenance & Safety:

So you have bathing and some basics down, but what tools will you need to execute full grooms? This module will provide you with a list of what tools every new groomer should have, how to use them, required maintenance, and the safest techniques. We will cover common mishaps, signs of stress, when to discontinue a groom, and safety issues prevalent with newer groomers.

2) I Have The Tools; Now What?

Following the same curriculum used at her school, the Cleveland Grooming Academy, Arielle will teach you the most effective way to go from bathing to trims to full-service grooms. This module will break down different haircuts that can build on each other to take you from basic trims to full haircuts, how to monitor your growth, and how to schedule yourself as a new groomer.

3) Let’s Build That Confidence:

As a new groomer, we all know how intimidating it can be to make decisions on your own, deal with difficult clients, and start to feel confident on your new career path. In this module, Arielle will give you tips and tricks to help build your confidence, increase your speed, overcome common fears, and how to handle different case scenarios as a new groomer.

4) The Finishing Touch:

As a new groomer, it’s important to set yourself apart from the rest and give it that “you” style. This last module will include tips and tricks that help fine tune your grooms to perfection, what products you can use to achieve certain looks, and what you can do to help keep your styles fresh and current with new trends.