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Well Rounded Groomer Series


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The Invisible Grooming

Victor Rosado

Join Victor in this one-of-a-kind training seminar that features the art of invisible grooming. Done properly, this can bring in big revenue to your grooming practice. This is a must-see seminar that will help you to understand the use of some specific tools to achieve a more natural look, the way it is required in many breeds. Invisible grooming will help you to set a profile with seamless transitions.

Let’s Accessorize It

Alyssa Kasiba

Do you want to add creative touches to your salon menu but don’t know where to start? Alyssa Kasiba of ABC’s Pooch Perfect will show you how to get creative with accessories! Dipping your toes into the world of creative does not have to be scary. Alyssa will push your fears aside and show you ways to put a creative touch on every groom. Accessories are a simple way to add revenue to your salon, and with proper marketing, clients will request your creative touch.

Perfecting Your Grooming, One Leg at a Time

Ashley Pacini

Legs are one of the most difficult parts to achieve on a dog and have the potential to negatively impact your overall groom. In this hour-long demonstration, Ashley will share how, through refined clipper and scissor work, you can achieve the perfect column leg on any breed with any coat type.

Matter of Habit

Erin Flynn

Good habits are the basis for a lot of great things. Have you ever wondered how habits and expectations can impact your day-to-day work, including the dogs on your table? In this session, Erin will go over using techniques that make the grooming process smoother, reactions more predictable, and sets an overall calmer experience for both you and the dog. Your pups will be feeling the spa experience in no time with these handling and management techniques!