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All About the Face Series



Asian Styles: Teddy Bear Faces

Olga Zabelinskaya

Join Olga as she explains Asian-style faces and techniques. Learn how to achieve the sought-after cute expressions that resemble a living teddy bear. Spend an hour with a fusion expert while she shares her tips and tricks for you to take back and implement in your shop.

Oh That Fabulous Face!

Melissa Jepson

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating Asian styling in your salon environment is to start on the face. In this class, Melissa will walk you through several different Asian face styles to get you started in incorporating this style in your everyday grooms to maximum cuteness!

Kill Em with Cuteness!

Blake Hernandez

For the third time today, a matted dog hits your table. The client is picky and brand new, but that doesn’t matter because you’re a professional who is there to help the animals. In this seminar, Blake is going to help you find the main vein to getting clients to understand their shortcomings, give a spectacular trim with all the cuteness, and teach you how to set clients up for success.

Let’s Face It

Jayne Gallagher

Join Jayne in this face-focused demonstration. The eyes are the window to the soul, and with our dogs, that statement couldn’t ring more true. That being said, many stylists get stuck not knowing the best way to convey the beauty of the dogs to our clients. This will be an extremely engaging and informative session focused on the face and expression that will help revolutionize the way stylists will send dogs out of their salons. Learn how to sculpt adorable faces and highlight the best features of the many different types of dogs that come into your everyday salon.