Barkleigh Handling Certification Course




Khris Berry

This handling and safety course covers essential basic to advanced handling skills for the Pet Professional. Pets and their owners’ expectations have changed- with them, so have handling techniques and attention to safety. Join Khris Berry (World Pet Association Director of Grooming) in this comprehensive course spanning first impressions to table, tub, and cage handling. From puppy and geriatric concerns to the difficult dog- learn to handle and pets cooperatively with compassionate professional skills. Add this course to your essential skills list!

The 4 hours will include:

  • Basic handling techniques including greetings, leash control, cage, tub and table techniques
  • Safe handling skills and equipment – how to properly choose, use, and implement restraints for a more cooperative grooming session
  • Special needs such as puppies and senior pets
  • The difficult dog
  • Client communication and cooperation
  • Creating a safe and suitable environment for reduced-stress handling
and much more for the educated pet professional!

Certificate of Completion provided by Barkleigh.