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Corrective Grooming



Guzal Adekoje

Whether you want to compete in grooming competitions, do show grooming, or level up your pet grooming skills, this seminar is a must-attend. Learn how you can make a dog look better than ever, improve your scissoring skills, and learn corrective grooming. We often see dogs walking into our salons with conformational faults: outward facing front legs, bowlegs, dip in the spine, unbalanced proportions, and so on and so forth. Did you know that we as groomers can visually correct those faults and make the dogs appear more appealing? In this step-by-step grooming demo, you will find out how you can make a dog look more attractive. Your clients will not know what you did differently, but they will notice the difference. Make it your niche and stand out! Attract new clients after learning these priceless skills. If average is not what you want to be, join this seminar and level up your skills.