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Creative Styling Challenge



Creative Styling Challenge Sunday Afternoon

  • This competition showcases the creativity of pet stylists.
  • Entry may be submitted on behalf of an individual pet stylist only.
  • Competitors will have one hour to apply “finishing touches” to their creations.
  • During this time, the groomer may scissor, clip, trim and apply color or decorations to finish their creation
  • They will then have an additional 15 minutes to set up their props. They may have the aid of an assistant at this time.
  • To qualify for placement, the entry must:
    • Be prepared using safe, non-toxic products
    • Exhibit quality styling techniques
    • Sharpness and precision of the clipper lines
    • Quality of scissor finish
    • Overall finish and/or application of decorative items
    • Sharpness and blending of color
    • Exhibit originality and creativity of the design and theme, WOW FACTOR
    • Exhibit quality and harmony of the final presentation, (props, decorations)
  1. Any purebred or mixed bred dog may be used
  2. This is a pre-trimmed and pre-colored class, most coloring and trimming is completed prior to the event
    1. As noted above, contestants have one hour prior to judging for finishing touches
  3. Competitors will be permitted to set up in a designated 10’x10’ area
  4. Electrical outlets will be limited to one per entry
  5. Competitors should provide titles for their entry on signs
  6. Music may be utilized in the presentation
  7. Music is the sole responsibility of the competitor
  8. Music should be presented at check in
  9. DVD presentations are not permitted
  10. Judges do not comb through entries after scissors down, but will evaluate clipper lines, scissoring skills and color lines at completion.
  11. Costumes are permitted for competitors but not for the entry
  12. To encourage creativity, entries placing previously at Intergroom will not be considered. Placements from other shows are acceptable.

Winners will be determined by:

  • Originality and creativity of design and theme
  • Quality of styling and coloring
  • Quality and harmony of the final presentation
  • Props, decorations and congruity of the entire presentation

Intergroom general rules, policy, procedures, protocol and judging guidelines apply