Difficult Dog Series




Handling Mad Mutts

Madeline Rothwell

In this info packed power hour, learn how to handle even the meanest of mutts. Join Madeline Rothwell and observe her sweet yet serious ways to tame a terrier, soothe a spaniel and even calm a collie! Madeline will share her trade secrets as a Salon Owner in a Shavedown City, and the techniques she uses to win over the wildest of Weimaraners.

Learning to Trust the Brush Again

Michelle Knowles

Many of the pets we groom are rescues that come with an uncertain history, a huge mistrust in strangers, or fear of grooming in general. This class discusses the different methods and techniques for helping pets gain trust in the grooming process.

Simple Techniques to Get a Difficult Dog to Respond the Right Way

Sarah Drouin

Sarah will go over simple, yet effective techniques that will change the way a dog with no manners responds to you. Speaking “Dog” Doesn’t come naturally, but Sarah will teach you all you need to know!

K9 Balance: Co-Working with a Professional Trainer

Dana Chavez-Rey & Lyssa Howells

Please join dog trainer Lyssa and master groomer Dana on a complete explanation on how both businesses came together to form a partnership rehabilitating, training and desensitizing once fearful ‘dangerous’ dogs to accept grooming.