Everyday Dog Series




Mixed Breed Makeover

Jonathan David

In today’s world of dogs there are so many popular mixed breeds that frequent our salons. Deciding what style to apply to these unique looking pets can be challenging. In this one-hour demonstration style seminar, Jonathan will discuss coat types, conformation, and camouflage grooming to mimic known styles of similar pure breeds or to create an entirely unique look to complement each individual dog. Jonathan will also discuss utilizing various tools and products to accomplish the best style for even your most discerning customer.

Stylin’ Scotties

Jessica Moore

Join Jessica in this one-hour live grooming seminar dedicated to the clipped Scottish Terrier. Forget the hula skirt and learn proper pattern placement, best practices for prepping the coat and the correct tools and blades/attachment comb to use for this stylish trim.

Oh, Those Super Short Styles

Mindy Dinwiddie

Living in farm country, Mindy has learned how to make the super short styles still look cute. As much as we don’t like it, we still have clients that want the 5F all over. Learn how to make those cuts look cute so that your clients keep coming back.

Poodle Pet Trim

Bryanna Fretz

Some groomers dread when a poodle is on their books for the day because of the time it takes or maybe they just don’t feel confident in their poodle trims yet. In this seminar Bryanna will show you ways to simplify some poodle trims like the modern or German trim to be able to apply it to every day poodles in the salon! She will also show you tips and tricks to cut down on time while still achieving a great poodle profile and getting a beautiful finish on your poodles!