Everyday Dog Series




Bring on the Brachycephalic Breeds!

Teri DiMarino

Anybody who has been “in dogs” for any period of time knows what a brachycephalic breed is. These dogs have short muzzles and broad heads and include such popular breeds as English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu’s, to name a few. These breeds come with their own set of issues that can cause problems, especially in the grooming process. They can have breathing problems, they do not handle heat well and those facial wrinkles need special care to keep them clean. Just washing the face of one of these breeds can be a challenge! Teri will focus on some of the problems unique to these breeds and how we can overcome these issues in the salon, sending out a clean, well-groomed dog with a sweet looking and smelling face.

Stylin’ Scotties

Jessica Moore

Join Jessica in this one-hour live grooming seminar dedicated to the clipped Scottish Terrier. Forget the hula skirt and learn proper pattern placement, best practices for prepping the coat and the correct tools and blades/attachment comb to use for this stylish trim.

Oh, Those Super Short Styles

Mindy Dinwiddie

Living in farm country, Mindy has learned how to make the super short styles still look cute. As much as we don’t like it, we still have clients that want the 5F all over. Learn how to make those cuts look cute so that your clients keep coming back.

The Pet Poodle

Anne Francis

Poodles can be challenging to groom. Anne will discuss grooming pets from Important preparation of coat to finishing touches. How to talk with clients to achieve the look they want with a realistic length. As Anne often says ” you don’t need a lot of hair to create a beautiful haircut, you just need hair in the right places.”. She will teach how using blades and snap on combs can help improve speed. She will show how to add style and flash to pet poodles. Products and finishing touches that will set you apart from other groomers.