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Friday Rising Star Mentor



Rising Star Mentor Friday Morning

Competitors must arrive with overgrown dog, with at least six (6) weeks of growth and then groom it to breed profile or create a totally different breed. Develop your eye ask questions and learn the grooming ring. This is a pure styling and educational competition.

  • A groomer can compete with any purebred or mixed-bred dog.
  • The judge will be looking for the most dramatic transformation in appearance and styling skill precision.
  • All grooming must take place in the ring with clippers, shears or other grooming tools.
  • No coloring permitted
  • For sanitary reasons, facial hair may be trimmed up to four weeks prior to the contest date.
  • Genital, stomach area and pads may be trimmed prior to the competition 
  • Class limited: 40 entries
  • Growth requirement: at least 6 weeks or 3 inches of coat – the more hair, the better!
  • Time limit: 2.5 hours all sizes
  •  4 show chosen Mentors will be allowed in ring. Mentor will only be allowed                      

             To verbally give grooming suggestions without putting or using any tool on 

             Dogs coat.  Contestants will only have use of a mentor for two (2) minutes

             And Ten (10) times total maximum during contest time. Mentor will move

             Through rows and will work with each contestant for two (2) minutes before

             Moving on to next contestant. Contestant may choose to wave help as mentor

             Approaches but that will be considered as one turn and therefore loosing of

             There ten (10) chances. Only one Mentor will be assigned to your row. 

             MENTORS AND JUDGES WILL NOT THE SAME                                      

Intergroom general rules, policy, procedures, protocol and judging guidelines apply