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Let’s Focus Series



Functional Freestyle

Jayne Gallagher

Jayne’s grooming styles may raise a few eyebrows, but they are works of art. Take the boring mixed-breed haircuts and elevate them into whimsical styles that are fun and client friendly. Her grooming blurs the lines of Asian Freestyle, breed profile, and Salon Freestyle. Join her to learn about why freestyle is not only fun, but can be functional!

The Grooming Business: Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the grooming business, on the topic of running a more efficient operation. Lots of information will be covered in condensed form, so take lots of notes on this one! Time will be well spent in this class!

Let’s Accessorize It

Alyssa Kasiba

Do you want to add creative touches to your salon menu but don’t know where to start? Alyssa Kasiba of ABC’s Pooch Perfect will show you how to get creative with accessories! Dipping your toes into the world of creative does not have to be scary. Alyssa will push your fears aside and show you ways to put a creative touch on every groom. Accessories are a simple way to add revenue to your salon, and with proper marketing, clients will request your creative touch.

The Continental Trim

Allison Alexander

This seminar will teach you everything you need to know about the Continental trim. We will discuss how to put a dog into the Continental trim from scratch, how to fit the trim to any Poodle, the lines, shape and angulation of the trim, and the finishing touches for a balanced, elegant and stylish Continental. Allison will demonstrate how to achieve this trim and the tools to use. Whether you have a dog that needs a new haircut, an older dog to maintain, or you want to compete at the highest level, Allison will guide you through this classic trim.