Prep It Series



Step Up Your Prep Work

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Do you ever wonder why your grooms don’t come out as nice as you would like? Do you have to keep going over your clipper or scissor work? It’s all in the prep work! Perfect prep work leads to a perfect groom. In this seminar, Sue & Jay will discuss preparing different coat types to get them ready for their finish grooming. They will demonstrate from the basics of prepping to the discussion of bath, brush, dry, de-shed, and fluff-out to have the dog best prepared for the finish groom. Tools, equipment, and product tips will all be shared. This seminar is great for all levels of grooming. Whether you are a bather/brusher or a do-it-all groomer, this will definitely help with the quality of your finish grooms as well as with the speed of your bath and drying time.

Deep Dive & Master Conditioning Products

Dave Campanella

Somewhere along our professional journey we’ve been told, “Conditioners are heavy,” “Silicone is bad,” “Apple Cider Vinegar can solve everything,” etc. Knowing what conditioner to select for any given situation is daunting and comprehending ingredient listings are worse. Here Dave will get to the heart of understanding how conditioners work, explaining their differences, and providing helpful resources to identify what conditioners one needs in their salon’s arsenal.

Specifying Pet Shampoo

Dan Williams

This seminar assists the professional pet groomer to better understand the differences among today’s vast number of liquid grooming products. The audience is introduced to chemical formulas and active shampoo ingredients, with a focus on desired outcomes. Emphasis is placed on proper product selection to meet the needs of the groomer, the client, and the pet. Also included is a look at specialty products such as whitening shampoo, degreasing shampoo, and detangle and dematting shampoos.

A Blank Canvas: Great Grooming Starts with the Prep

Jonathan David

Every great work of art starts as a blank canvas, and every great grooming starts with a well-prepped dog. The brushing, bathing, fluffing, and prepping process, as well as the types of products you use, play a crucial role in a well-groomed, flawless finish. Improperly prepped dogs will result in a grooming that falls apart shortly after they go home and an unhappy customer. Jonathan will talk about the proper steps often overlooked as well as give tips on drying to achieve a clean, properly fluffed coat to give a great cut with a lasting look. Learn how to give that edge that sets you apart from your competitors. This is a great seminar for your employees!