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Supercoats: A Skin & Coat Care Program For Pet Care



Pam Lauritzen

How much do you really know about canine Skin & Coat Care? In this fantastic, four hour seminar, Pam will teach you how to analyze and resolve canine skin and coat problems. The following topics will be covered:

Hour 1) Canine Skin & Hair Anatomy

An understanding of canine skin & hair anatomy is essential to maintaining a healthy coat and the treatment of an unhealthy coat. Cellular structures, how skin functions, their epidermal appendages & cellular reproductive processes are highlighted.

Hour 2) Chemicals & Ingredients

Do you understand the difference between products that are keratolytic or keratoplastic? Do you know how to properly use antimicrobial products? Do you understand the effects of aloe, sulfur, coal tar, vitamins, jojoba, proteins, etc. on skin? Learn how the chemicals in the products you use affect skin and coat.

Hour 3) Skin Problems & Lesions

You’ll learn how to topically evaluate, analyze and treat common skin & coat problems. Pam will help you understand primary & secondary lesions and your role as a Pet Care Professional. You’ll learn about skin and coat types and problems — and how to topically treat skin problems. Pam will also help you understand water therapies such as hydrotherapy, wet dressings and heavy rinsing.

Hour 4) Case Studies

Pam will present several case studies and their “step-by-step” treatment programs, followed by an interactive practical skills session to help you understand how to evaluate, develop & initiate appropriate topical therapy programs.