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Tag, You’re It: Team Challenge



Tag, You’re It Sunday Morning

This is a three (3) person team challenge.

Competitors must arrive with overgrown dog, with at least six (6) weeks of growth and then groom it to breed profile or create a totally different breed or style. This is an intense competition with major amounts of hair left on the floor! This is dramatic grooming at its best! Out of the three (3) groomers only one groomer can groom at any given time until 30minute alert goes off for next groomer to step in. During the final 30 minutes you can switch off as many times as you want but only one groomer can work on the dog at any given time.  Choose your team and time positions for groomer wisely. GOOD LUCK< HAVE FUN 

  • A groomer can compete with any purebred or mixed-bred dog.
  • The judge will be looking for the most dramatic transformation in appearance and styling skill precision.
  • All grooming must take place in the ring with clippers, shears or other grooming tools.
  • No coloring permitted
  • For sanitary reasons, facial hair may be trimmed up to four weeks prior to the contest date.
  • Genital, stomach area and pads may be trimmed prior to the competition 
  • Class limited: 10 team entries
  • Growth requirement: at least 6 weeks or 3 inches of coat – the more hair, the better!
  • Time limit: 2 hours all sizes


Intergroom general rules, policy, procedures, protocol and judging guidelines apply