The 15 Coat Types and How to Correctly Groom Them




Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

While there has never been an official list of dog coat types for the grooming industry, maybe there ought to be! While individual dogs vary even within breeds, knowing what tools and techniques are appropriate to the coat type presented to you for grooming is essential. Jennifer has identified and compiled the fifteen distinct coat types that require specific and separate grooming strategies and equipment. Each one has “Do’s and Don’ts” based on the actual scientific, genetic, and physical structure of the hair or fur of that type dog. Learn how to groom each coat type based on the best practices for those breeds. All coat types fall into two general genetic categories – Hair and Fur.

Hour 1) Hair

This first hour goes in-depth on “Hair” coat types, and the matting that goes with them. Combination coats that have the problems of both will also be addressed. Hint: some rhyme with “oodle”. Half of all dogs have a double coat.

Hour 2) Fur

Learn to separate the “matting” from the “shedding” in the Fifteen Coat Types’ second hour. We will deep dive into “Fur” Coat types and best practices for their unique care. We will address and resolve any remaining controversy about the proper care of the double coat. Other coat types also shed in different ways. We will identify the most effective equipment, tools, and techniques for each of the Coat Types.

After this seminar, you will be able to set yourself apart as the groomer in your area that is an expert on differing canine coat types and their proper care.