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Mixed Breed Series



Mix It Up!

Mackensie Murphy

2 comb body, 0 comb legs, round head, trim ears and repeat! Who’s getting tired of doing the same old pet trims all day, every day? In this live demo seminar, Mackensie will share with you her tricks and techniques to spice up your everyday grooms.

Everyday Puppy Cut

Anne Francis

Every day, the same haircuts over and over again can be your first cause of the dreaded burn out! Anne Francis, with all her experience of grooming, will show you the tricks she’s picked up along the way to jazz up her regular pet trims. Make your work stand out from your competition!

Low Maintenance Mixed Breed Grooming

Sue Zecco

We see so many varieties of mixed breeds in our profession. Be creative! Sue will discuss everything from your good ‘ol teddy trim to making your dogs look like breeds they’re not. Give your client’s special pet a unique look. Keeping balance, and remember, low maintenance is the key to happy clients.

“Short but Not Shaved,” and Other Things Owners Say: Making First Timers into Your Biggest Fan

Helen Schaefer

Until we learn telepathy, learning to verbally communicate with the owner at the end of the leash is paramount to creating raving fans and repeat and word of mouth business. In this seminar, Helen will go over common things she hears at the salon day after day from new clients, the basic check-in procedure you should follow with every new dog, and the follow-up questions she asks the owner to ensure the first impression is always a positive one. Make that new client into your biggest fan!