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Strong Mind, Strong Business



Joey Villani

Successful business starts with a certain attitude and mind set, without this no one person or business can be completely successful. Joey Villani, for over a decade, has studied some of the top business minds in the world and has applied these winning techniques to not only the pet industry, but also to help build the events and tours of the likes of Justin Timberlake, U2, Madonna and over 100 other major artists around the world. See how this can help you.

Hour 1) Your Beliefs Become Your Reality

How does anyone expect to change things like, life events, habits and more? If you do not believe that you can change your direction at any given time, you probably feel lost. Everyone may agree that our mindset means a lot, but how do we get there and achieve our dream? In this hour, Joey is going to teach you how to reset your mind and help put you on the path to your winning ways.

Hour 2) How Hungry Are You?

After an event we get pumped up and want to apply everything; the New Year’s resolution syndrome. We start strong and sometimes can’t make the finish line. This hour will give you tips and exercises to keep you pumped and strong to not only finish, but to win.

Hour 3) Attitude is Everything

OK, this is a specialty of Joey’s. How do you go into a room and capture an audience (this could be your clients) and let them know you are the top dog here? It does not matter if you are unsure of yourself or shy. This hour will change you.

Hour 4) The Mind of a Winner

Sometimes we get to where we are going and then lose focus because we cannot keep the drive. How do you continue to move forward? This hour is going to give you winning tips to keep it fresh, driven and unstoppable.