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Dogfather Knows Best



Joey Villani

With decades of experience in the grooming industry, Joey Villani knows what it takes to be a successful groomer and business owner. In this brand-new day-long program, the “Dogfather” will share his knowledge and expertise to help you maximize the success of your salon. Whether you are thinking about opening your own salon or are a veteran groomer looking to improve your bottom line, this seminar is perfect for you and your business.

Part One: The Beginning

  • Finding the right location and target area for your business
  • The ideal setup to maximize your profits and reduce waste
  • Advertising that works for your salon

Part Two: How About the View?

  • The appearance of my salon and staff
  • The attitude of my salon and staff
  • Who is my target customer?

Part Three: Clients Are King

  • The first contact
  • Knowing the right questions to ask
  • Procedures that all staff should know and understand

Part Four: The Right Price and Service

  • Figuring out how to price my service
  • The trim that works
  • Other services and upcharges

Part Five: Finishing Touches and the Rest

  • Products and accessories are key
  • How can I be a good employee?
  • How can I be a good employer?